Veterinary Technician Appreciation

             During the month of October, I would like to take the time to acknowledge our veterinary technicians, as well as the other support staff of the hospital. Vet tech appreciation week officially begins on October 15th, but really one week is not enough time to consider all of the things our vet techs, receptionists, office members, and kennel technicians do for this profession. In fact, it is really important for us to make sure we are appreciating them every day, because our animal care, health, and welfare depends on it!

             The veterinary technician is the first and likely the last one in the exam room when you come to visit Shaffer Animal Hospital. Without their supreme history taking skills and your input as pet parents, it would be difficult to truly understand what goes on at home for our patients who cannot speak to us. Not only do the techs find out what’s been going on at home, but they are responsible for checking the medical history as well to see what needs to be updated, any specific medical conditions that we should all be aware of, etc. These are just a few components of the multi-faceted responsibility of a technician. Our kennel technicians, who you see when you drop off your pets for boarding, are often also involved in these activities as well.

             Several of the responsibilities of the technician are really artforms. Proper restraint is important for the protection and safety of your pet, but also for the people involved in their examination. Venipuncture, x-rays, wound treatments- we rely on our technicians and their skills to accomplish many of these tasks. And all of this in a timely manner! Surgical technicians have the unique responsibility of understanding anesthesia, making sure your pet is doing well before, during and after a procedure. Then there are the wonderful men and women that you see when you come in and go out the door, or who talk to you over the phone. The receptionists are with you from start to finish and help make the magic happen!

              We rely on the staff at Shaffer Animal Hospital to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients, a low-stress and safe experience for the pets, and an efficient and organized experience for our veterinarians. We consider our staff to be family here at Shaffer Animal Hospital, and we surely do appreciate their dedication immensely. So, remember to thank your technicians when you come in for your next appointment!

Molly Kovacs, DVM
Shaffer Animal Hospital